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Welcome to smyle_fit

Fitness to make you smile inside and out.

Hi, I'm Sarah

For me, exercise and fitness is much more than what I look like on the outside.  As I embrace ageing positively and confidently, it's about the benefits inside and feeling happier about me!


It’s rethinking why we exercise, to focus on the inside benefits, building and maintaining muscle, heart, bone and brain health. It’s about having fun and enjoying moving our amazing bodies. It’s about investing in our overall wellbeing, becoming stronger and healthier, developing physically and mentally, inside and out.


I’m in my fifties, riding the menopause roller coaster like thousands of other women, but exercise has helped me with my symptoms and wellbeing.


I've always been interested in exercise's amazing benefits, but it’s only since becoming a qualified Personal Trainer and Coach (I'm also an instructor at Bootcamp Tring and Tring Sports Centre) that I’ve truly understood the amazing nature of what our bodies do and need to keep us functioning. When you start to focus on the internal benefits, your fitness journey will be so much more rewarding. 

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How can smyle_fit help you?

If you've been thinking about making positive changes and want to begin prioritising your future health but don't know where to start or how to begin, I can help with a range of options and training methods to get you on track to a healthier, stronger, happier you. 


“Sarah is always full of encouraging energy, pushing me each week to do my best even when I don't feel like it!! Her sessions are well planned and you feel that each exercise is geared especially to you and your needs."

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Your future self will thank you.

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